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In A Letter Addressed To Humans, A Cow Tells A Few Sane, Home Truths

My name is Gobar. I am a cow currently residing in the great state of Uttar Pradesh, the capital of our world and the site of the cow's greatest conquest of humankind. I know you must be laughing as you read this. How is one named after their own shit? Actually, I blame it on my mother. She was very fond of humans and human literature, especially some guy called Premchand. This guy apparently wrote a novel where there was a character named Gobar. I will never forgive her for what she has done to

Why Dalits Can Rely Only On Themselves To End The Cycle Of Oppression

Laxmanpur Bathe, Khairlanji, Bathani Tola. The lack of context in our news media is striking. It's the same with our education system. At this rate, these three places, which should be etched in the memory of every student trying to understand Indian history and society, will be forgotten. A nation which was supposed to eliminate discrimination has grown indifferent to the voices of Dalits. The memory of these places will survive only as part of Dalit consciousness, as three bloody marks in a hi

Leaving home

From the window of the moving train, the track ahead seems like an endless snake, slithering wildly past the green fields and quaint habitats that lie on both sides.  Beyond this journey, lies an unknown destination that seems hostile as well as open hearted from a distance. Mahesh is gripped by a mix of anxiety and excitement as he counts down the hours left for the train to reach Bhopal. He glances at his wife and child, who have found some sleep even in this cluttered space. With each passeng